The Best Cardio Exercises for Slimming in the Gym

If you want to lose weight, cardiovascular training is what you need: with the help of specific equipment, in fact, you can practice a circuit of exercises that will help you to find in a short time the line you want and at the same time you will feel your body more toned and healthy.

Cardio exercise for weight loss is done in aerobic mode, using the energy of breathing. If carried out constantly, this type of training can even burn more than 600 calories in an hour: through a process called lipolysis, fats are dissolved thanks to the oxygen that is taken.

Cardio Exercises for Slimming: the Necessary Equipment

A cardio workout, in fact, consists of a set of exercises (circuit) that involve the use of equipment and machinery, which is why the gym is the most suitable place for this type of activity. Remember, however, that before you start doing cardio exercise to lose weight you must always practice a little ‘stretching.

The most used tools are:

  1. The treadmill, or running mat, allows you to set different speeds, ranging from fast walking to running. For models in the gym, a heart rate monitor is integrated into the display to monitor performance.
  2. The bike can be with or without backrest. The one without is not suitable for those who are overweight because it involves a greater effort on the knees. This machine can also be set to different levels of difficulty.
  3. The rower simulates the gestures that are made when rowing, it is ideal, therefore, to train the upper body, but if equipped with platforms is also useful to train the legs.
  4. The elliptical, or cross trainer, consists of two platforms and two handlebars that move. The movements that are made are those of the race. It is therefore useful for training both the upper and lower limbs. On the elliptical you experience greater fatigue than on the treadmill, for this reason it is recommended to use this machine only to those who are already trained.

The Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor is a very useful tool when practicing cardio exercises for weight loss. It is useful to monitor the results of training as it is used to measure the heart rate. The heart rate monitor is generally applied to the fingertips and is present on the handles of some machines in the gym. This tool allows you to monitor your maximum heart rate (FCMax), which you should respect when training and which varies according to gender, age and weight. Ideally, you should keep the percentage of FCMax between 60 and 80 percent so as not to overtax your heart. In this way you can then burn the sugars and after 30 minutes of training even the fats. Another advantage is the strengthening of the cardiovascular system.

Tips for Slimming With Cardio Activity in the Gym

The effects of weight loss exercises in the gym depend on the duration and frequency of training. Each exercise session should last at least 20 minutes and should not exceed 60 minutes to avoid physical damage. This is done at least three times a week, or five times a week, but no more.

Cardio training allows you to burn a lot of calories and lose weight quickly, as fat reserves are attacked: the body is then firmer and more toned, and cellulite tends to decrease in the areas affected by the exercises. Another positive effect is the acceleration of the metabolism, which begins to burn fat faster.

Remember that to achieve the desired results it is necessary to combine the training with a good diet and, since the body and the needs of each of us are different, the advice is to turn to a personal trainer to have a personalized training program.

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