How to Set up a Gym? Tips for Fitness Center Operators

Opening a gym is a business that attracts many. Not just fitness or bodybuilding enthusiasts. Many entrepreneurs have realized that, at this time, a sports center is an interesting form of investment. If you too are thinking about starting your own business and are looking for the most profitable sector, you should know that the fitness and wellness sector is constantly growing. Keeping fit is a must of our time and Italians give up many things, but not to train.

If, on the other hand, your project is already underway and you are wondering how to set up a gym, in this article we will provide you with some useful ideas for furnishing the premises in the best possible way.

6 Tips for Setting up a Successful Gym

The design phase is underway. You’ve found the right premises for you. Now you have to understand the right way to set up your gym. The choice of machinery and equipment is very important because it can determine the success or otherwise of the structure. The need, then, is to find a balance between your investment and the quality of the equipment. The choice must, therefore, be weighted on your budget, but also on the target audience of the users.

Here are some useful tips for setting up a gym optimally:

  1. Evaluate the available space well. A gym is not just a room to be filled with tools and machinery. You must also consider the areas for changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, staff offices and areas for group programs. Every activity or need must have a reserved space. The rooms must, therefore, be divided and furnished in a functional way for the purpose for which they are intended. According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) in 2009, the ideal ratio for dividing areas in a gym is 60/40: 60% of the space must be allocated to cardio areas and machines, 40% must be used for other purposes.
  2. Divide the spaces well. According to another IHRSA research carried out in exclusive fitness gyms, to set up a gym it is advisable to divide the space into three large areas: 47% of the space is allocated to strength development equipment, 33% to cardio equipment, 20% to equipment for group programs.
  3. Choose the right equipment. If you want to open a bodybuilding gym, the choice of machinery and equipment is essential. This will require isotonic and cardio fitness machines, free weights, benches and free body mats. The choice must fall on professional machines, if you want them to last over time and resist intensive use.
  4. Choose professional instructors. Activities such as zumba, yoga, crossfit, martial arts and aerobic activities require less equipment, but you will need mats, steps, elastics, balls and small weights. To be decisive in courses of this type is the professionalism and competence of the instructors.
  5. Evaluate the current trends and the target audience. Before setting up a gym, it is always advisable to evaluate the target audience to which the offer is addressed and plan, based on this, the courses and activities to be proposed. It is also necessary to take into account the current trends. Today, for example, consumers prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than on products. Experiential consumption is driven by the Millennials and subsequent generations and this trend has affected all sectors and even the fitness industry.
  6. Use your creativity. Many gyms have decided to expand their offering by integrating it with gaming experiences and offering increasingly creative activity programming.

Password? Focus on Innovation

If you want your gym to become a successful business, focus on innovation. Machinery used in gyms is becoming more and more avant-garde and uses technological innovations to improve the user experience; equipment is becoming more and more customised, thanks to the possibility of interaction with apps and performance tracking devices.

Fitness technologies have changed the way gyms are run. Some machines, for example, also allow data to be saved and users can stop and resume training where they left off. At the same time, this data is useful for club operators, who can understand what the needs and habits of users are and therefore study a better offer.

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