How to Open a Gym Without Being an Entrepreneur

The growing focus on the world of fitness has also made this sector attractive from an entrepreneurial point of view. Sports are good for the body and mind. For many Italians, physical activity is not only a means to stay in shape, but a real tool to protect their health. The gym is the temple where you can cultivate your own well-being and is also a useful place to socialize.

If you like the idea of opening your own, in this article we explain how to open a gym from scratch, even if you have no experience in sports or business.

How To Open A Gym And Why To Invest In This Sector

Do you want to invest in an industry that is going strong? If you’re thinking about fitness, you’re on the right track. Gymnasiums are not only frequented by body building enthusiasts or by people looking for the perfect fitness. Fitness enthusiasts, in fact, are only a slice of the actual clientele, which is, instead, composed of a variety of people who train for different purposes, such as to lose weight or on medical advice.

The business is expanding and the sector continues to grind up significant revenues and profits. If we also include beauty institutes and hydrothermal centres in the bill, wellness operators reach 40,000 on national soil, of which 12,000 are gyms. There are, instead, 6 million registered users, a catchment area that is second only to that of bars and pizzerias.

The market is not at all saturated, it is enough to enter with an innovative idea, responding to a specific need of users.

If you are wondering how to open a gym you have two options:

  1. open your own structure, managing the whole procedure from the realization to the research of the equipment, from the setting up to the launch of the activity;
  2. move towards a franchising solution that guarantees you, at lower prices, a model of gym already started.

If you don’t work in the fitness world or if you don’t have any business experience behind you, the first solution is to be discarded. You’d open a gym like any other and you wouldn’t be able to stand up to the competition. In the latter case, however, you could still start your own business, but relying on the know-how of the franchisor.

Focus On Franchising Especially If You Do Not Have Business Experience

You can open a successful sports center even if you have never worked before in this field by having someone who has taken this step before you, through the formula of franchising, support you.

Franchising is one of the best opportunities to open a gym. The parent company proposes a model of gym that has already been successful, follows you in every phase of the start-up of the business, from the search for the premises to the opening and also afterwards you can receive assistance and support for the management of your business. Remember, however, that to open a franchised gym you must meet the following requirements:

  • have a passion for this type of activity;
  • have the right motivation;
  • love contact with people.

You can acquire administrative and management skills over time by drawing on the know-how of the parent company, even with regard to promotion and marketing you will never be left alone.

So here’s how to open a gym in a few steps: entering the fitness sector riding the success of a well-known brand allows you to open the doors of your gym not by simple stranger because you already have a slice of well-defined customers who know the brand and appreciate it.

Have you ever wondered why so many gyms open and close in a matter of seconds? Thanks to the franchising system, however, you can limit the business risk, reducing the chances of failure. By becoming a franchisee you enter a consolidated group, thanks to continuous training you can quickly acquire skills and abilities that alone would take years to mature: it is no coincidence that entrepreneurs who start the first franchise business also open a second and even a third.

If you want another valid reason to choose to open a franchised gym, just consult the data: in our country the turnover of franchised chains is growing and the figure is growing year by year, only in 2018 has recorded a + 0.8%. This is also thanks to the Italians who prefer to turn to brand names known because they consider them more reliable.

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