How Many Times To Go To The Gym To Stay In Shape

You want to get a sculpted physique and you’re wondering how many times to go to the gym? Let’s try to figure it out together in this article!

Each of us has different goals: there are those who train to increase muscle mass, those who want to lose the extra pounds, those who want to tone the body. The answer must, therefore, be formulated according to the purpose you want to achieve. There is no precise formula to indicate the exact number of days per week you need to train.

The right frequency of training depends on your daily rhythms, the goals you have set yourself and also on stress and nutrition. The effectiveness of your training also depends on your body, diet and lifestyle. To think that the achievement of objectives is linked only to the weekly frequency of training is, therefore, a very reductive concept.

How Many Times Can You Go To The Gym: Can You Do It Every Day?

No! Daily training is not recommended. Our body needs to rest between workouts, also because the processes of reconstruction that affect the muscles must be done properly. Exaggerating with training sessions can lead to excessive muscle fatigue without achieving the desired effect. It is good, however, to associate the gym with a healthy lifestyle and balanced habits: drink plenty of water and adopt a varied diet and able to support the activity chosen. Several scientific studies have also shown that it is necessary to sleep well enough (at least 7 hours per night) to limit stress and avoid altering the metabolism. Those who sleep little have more difficulty in slimming than those who sleep more. Pretending too much from your body is wrong. That’s why continuously measuring weight or circumference can discourage and weaken your determination.

2 Times A Week Is It Okay As A Frequency For Training?

In most cases, training twice a week is not enough. The number of workouts varies according to the person, but if the goal is to lose weight, the frequency of workouts should be at least 3 or 4 times a week and each session should last at least 30-40 minutes. At the beginning you can proceed step by step and increase the frequency of workouts based also on the greater resistance that you acquire, perhaps starting from specific cardio exercises. If you train in the weight room for greater benefits, you must vary the type of exercises and also the number of repetitions. In order to have the right amount of energy, it is necessary to avoid abandoning oneself to monotony.

What Are Mono-Frequency And Multi-frequency Workouts?

Mono-frequency training aims to train only a few muscles for each work-out. By training, therefore, three times a week, you can concentrate on different muscle groups at each session.

Multi-frequency training, on the other hand, involves performing exercises involving several muscles at the same time. The same group of exercises is then repeated several times during the same week.

In Conclusion: How Many Times Do You Go To The Gym Per Week?

Going to the gym 2 times a week is too little, but it can be a starting point if you are not trained. To set up a more effective work for the body you have to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, the important thing is that you know how to work and make the most of each training session. Athletes at a more advanced level can go to the gym 4 times a week, especially if they have important goals to achieve. Finally, it should be borne in mind that it is always good to adopt a healthy lifestyle and an energy diet that are appropriate to your own pace of training.

In general, it can be said that there are no minimums or maximums to determine the right frequency of training. Much depends on personal commitments and willingness. Always remember that training must be a pleasure and can not become a constraint.

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