“We  are  all  equal.   From  the   homeless   junkie  on  the   street   to  the   A-list  celebrity,  there
is  no  difference.   We  are  all  made  up  of  the  same  things,  stardust.  We  all  eat,  sleep  and
have  feelings.  We  all  feel  bad  when  others  tear  us down  and  feel great  when  friends pick
us   up.    We  all   have  different  ways  of  learning  but we  still  all  learn.    We  give  ourselves
imaginary   seniority  over   others  but  this  isn’t  the  case.    We  are  all   on  different  paths  in
life this we all can agree on, but all paths no matter how different lead us all to the same place”.
                                                                                                                                                              Jason L. Athen

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